Windows VPS Server

Windows VPS server For Affordability by Onlive Server

Windows VPS Server

 Website hosting can be quite the hassle if you aren’t willing to shell out hundreds of dollars every month to keep your website up and running. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) server, also known as Windows VPS Server, offers you an alternative that’s much cheaper than traditional hosting without sacrificing performance or stability

Servers with Customized Hardware –

Our customized hardware solution can enhance the server system for you that meets your wants accurately. Whether you desire more hardware like RAM or drives for storage, database, or large data, we can without problems configure your server according to your real needs. You might also also want to alternate some factors or prefer a entire rebuild.

Benefits Of Choosing A Windows  VPS Server

VPS server is a great way to get full control over your online presence without breaking your budget. Windows-based virtual servers are known for being affordable and secure platforms for business applications. Getting a Windows VPS server will enable you to have full control over your operating system because it allows you to install and remove any software you want.

How To Choose The Right Plan?

Windows hosting services are available in different plans with different features. Make sure you choose a plan that will fulfill your business requirements and budget.

Step By Step Installation Process

Our Windows VPS servers can be easily installed by anyone. Our server technicians provide step-by-step instructions to help you get your Windows VPS up and running in no time. Everything is clearly explained with screenshots, so you don’t have to be an expert to get your server configured!

Technical Support

Unlike with shared hosting, when you rent a Windows virtual private server from us, you get full control over server configurations. With your own virtual hosting server and a free selection of various Operating Systems on offer, you have complete control over your resources, allowing you to run virtually any type of software or application. Our Virtual Private Servers come with 24/7/365 technical support available via phone and email. We can help make sure that your applications run smoothly without any unnecessary downtime or errors in configuration.

We are providing Cheap windows vps server. you would have full control in term of configurations, software, hardware, operating systems and 24/7 technical support. When you buy hosting from us, we offer all the services you need to succeed online including website builder, email accounts and more! We also have an excellent customer service team that will make sure your. Questions are answered and your website is running smoothly.


Our servers are located in datacenters with advanced security features and access to multiple carriers. Our datacenter providers comply with strict security requirements, including 24/7 surveillance and intrusion detection systems as well as biometric access control and video monitoring of all visitor activity at all times. Additionally, any hardware or software that enters the datacenter can only be. Handled by authorized staff and any modification of equipment or software requires. Approval by our technical support team before it can be introduced into the datacenter. Environment and hosted on our servers.

Windows VPS Server


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