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What is name and why it is important to register for domain name?

Whether you have an old existing business or thinking of starting a new business, it is very important that you have a solid online identity. The first thing your probable customer will do is Domain Name Registration and  search regarding you online. If you have a domain name which is easy to remember will increase your sale. Today almost everything is happening online. So it is very important that you have a website to give you an identity. It can also create a brand image.

How to finalize a particular domain name?

Your brand is the perfect picture about you. It is a promise that you will deliver the best. So your domain name should not be different than your brand. A new business should choose a domain name which is almost same or may be better match for the business. This is the address that will bring customers to your business. So there should no confusion regarding the domain name and users should easily remember it. You can Best Domain Name Provider sites and register one for yourself.

Length of domain name

It is advisable to use a short and easy to remember domain name. The ideal length of domain name should be 6-10 letters. The name should be simple and that can easy be typed.  You should rule out using long and descriptive domain name. The longer domain name usually results in misspelling the name when typing. Avoid using any hyphen and numbers as that can be complicate and often frustrate the customers. Users always prefer something which is easy to type.

What a strong domain name can do for the business?

  • A strong domain name can add credibility and distinguish you from rest of the customers.
  • It gives exposure and visibility to the brand. It can attract the customers and create awareness.
  • It builds a tech-savvy image of you and your business.
  • Your business can become mobile. In case you relocate or shift your city your domain name will always be with you.
  • It can increase your search engine ranking. You need to upload quality content on your website to become more visible on search engines.
  • You can increase your market either all around the globe or may be region specific.
  • Your domain will not expire till the time you keep it current and annual fees low.

It is very essential for the businesses to maintain their presence online. It also defines a personal identity of your own online. The first step towards attaining the personal identity is to register for a domain name. This will build your strong online portfolio.  It also gives the much needed exposure required to the business as people can easily search the services on web portal.

An easy domain name

The selection process or setting of an appropriate domain name is called as URL. With URL people can easily know about your online presence. It is necessary that you select a domain name that is relevant to the content on your website. This way it becomes easy for the user to remember the domain name and it gives credibility to your business. An appropriate domain name also gives more visitors to the website. This is because they can easily find your website easily among the dozens of websites online.

Email Address

On registering for a domain name you are also provided with numerous personalized email addresses. The portion of email after @ sign will be the domain name. Any name can chosen proceeding @ sign. The name should be something that can be easy remembered and is either personal or specific.  For example if the domain name is “”, then the email can be chosen anything like, etc.

Domain Forwarding

Even if you don’t have a webpage you can still register for a domain name. With the help of domain forwarding, a domain name can be set that will redirect the visitors to any other webpage on the internet. For example if you register for, then you can redirect your visitors to your Facebook or instagram page. This way you can get personalized email addresses and a easy URL connected to your social media page.

Sub Domains

When you register for a domain name you get option to add numerous sub-domains to it. A sub-domain is a kind of prefix to the main domain name. For example sub-domain for domain name can be or anything.yourdomain. Anything here can be replaced by any name.

Business Promotion or Product Promotion

It is very important for the businesses to have an online presence. When you register for a domain name you get a valid online address for yourself. This increases your online presence. You can use sub-domains to add your product pages on the main domain. This will improve your google ranking to a great extend.


It is very important that you register for the domain name as soon as it is available. This is because the availability may decrease with the time. Every day numerous users check domain name online register for the domain name. So at times it is possible that your specific domain name is already registered by other user. Domain name may also expire over the period of time but the owner is given the chance to renew it before it becomes available again.

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