What are the different foundation finishes?

When there are so many cosmetics to choose from on the market, it is difficult to choose correctly from a variety of types of beaury products for foundation cream, not only according to your skin, but also according to the occasion, time and other factors. 

The problem with cream foundations is that if your skin is very dry, it will wrinkle over time. To avoid this, apply the primer or moisturizer on the top before applying the foundation.

Can you use CC cream instead of foundation?

CC or color correction cream is a good choice for daily makeup. CC cream will make your skin tone even and keep your skin moist all day long. However, it cannot cover pores and defects because the coating is very light.

What are the different foundation finishes?

The foundation has three main finishes – matte, Dewey and luminous. Although the matte finish does not reflect light, making the face look mature, the dew finish reflects light, making the appearance almost moist. The dewy finish also gives a youthful appearance. Luminous finish, soft

What is a foundation stick?

The essence of stick foundation is to press cream foundation into stick type. They usually have a matte surface. Although it can be applied directly from the stick, professionals recommend using a brush or sponge.

What is the best foundation for oily skin?

The type of oily skin should be liquid foundation, serum foundation or foundation. On the basis of coverage, those oily but flawless skin can use foundation or serum foundation because of its wide coverage, while oily skin with enlarged pores or defects should use thick/thick liquid foundation.

What is the best foundation for dry skin?

Dry skin type should choose foundation cream or mousse foundation. Both types of foundation moisturize the skin and fill in the fine lines and wrinkles that dry skin is prone to.

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