Vacuum Packed Memory Foam Mattress – Safe and Sound Delivery

Online shopping is a trend that is meant to make our lives better than ever. Almost everything is available online. Mattresses have also joined the league. But there is one thing about online memory foam mattress shopping that makes all of us curious. It is: how such a huge mattress is going to get delivered at our doorstep? 

Well, this article tries to explore its answer.

Vacuum Packaging- Making Impossible Very Much Possible

If you’re planning to purchase the best mattress in Hyderabad online then you must know that vacuum packaging is what makes it happen.  Using vacuum technology, the size of the memory foam mattress would be reduced by 90%.

This way your huge size mattress will become an entity that is easy to carry and transport. This technology is mind-blowing as:

  • It ensures the safe and sound delivery of your pricy asset

We all know that quality memory foam mattress doesn’t come with a dirt-cheap price tag. It’s a costly affair. Check the mattress price in Hyderabad and it will find out that you need to spend a minimum of 4,000-5,000 INR for a quality product.

However, it’s the one thing that you for your well-being and quality life. Hence, it’s important that when you are buying a mattress online, it delivers us safe and sound.

The vacuum packaging does exactly the same. It reduces the size of the mattress and makes it an easy-to-handle object. The mattress of all shape and sizes are rolled packed and can be handled easily. Transporting and carrying them won’t be an issue. Also, the mattress is packed into a box that ensures safe delivery further.

This is not the case with an in-store purchase. You choose the mattress and it will be delivered to you in its original shape. Handling huge size mattresses like a queen or king-size mattresses in their actual size is tough. 

  • It maintains high hygiene standards

Sometimes online delivery of a memory foam mattress takes time.   In some cases, it can be 10-12 days depending upon the delivery location. But, vacuum packaging ensures that the product hygiene is never compromised because of this.

 Vacuum packaging takes out all the oxygen present in the product. No oxygen means no ideal environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. So, no matter how long the delivery takes, your mattress will be healthy and hygienic to use.

Also, vacuum packaging is away from human contact which is not possible in the case of in-store purchases.  The more human contact your mattress will encounter, the higher are the chances of infection or bacterial growth.

  • It keeps the shape intact

Once you open your vacuum packed memory foam mattress, it will be back to its original shape and volume in no time. There won’t be any change in shape or loss of flexibility, in short, you will get your quality product in its best shape.

In Conclusion

Online mattress buying is a great way to buy quality memory foam mattresses at an affordable cost. With an inventive vacuum packaging technology, you can be sure about the safe and sound and delivery of your memory foam mattress. Also, with the lowest possible human contact, this packaging ensures that hygiene is never compromised.

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