Ultimate Guide for Gorgeous PhotoBall Photography

You look at the photos on Instagram and they all look the same? Do you think everything is done and there is no way to innovate in the world of photography? In this article we are going to take this idea out of your head, because with an accessory like the new Photoball you will be able to immerse yourself in a creative field like you never imagined before.

Discover some tricks or tips to make the most of the features of your PhotoBall by taking spectacular photographs that will leave everyone in awe.

1. What size PhotoBall should I choose?

The size of your glass ball should be directly related to the amount of weight you want to carry in your camera bag. But also with the image variability you want to reflect on the ball. If you’re looking for a lighter sphere, choose the 60mm PhotoBall. If, on the other hand, you prefer a wider reflection, choose the 80 mm.

2. Always maintain your glass ball

It’s a tip that seems obvious, but proper cleaning of your glass ball for photography will save you more than one dissatisfaction. Imagine that for each photo you take with your sphere you have to dedicate several minutes to it, and that you have even moved to a specific place in search of the most original perspective. Finally, when you view the photo at home, you find a horrible stain inside the ball that you have never seen before. You can avoid this kind of inconvenience by simply cleaning the PhotoBall before taking the photograph. 

3. Focus the PhotoBall

If you wish to favor the reflection of the glass ball in your composition, it is essential to center the focus of your photograph on the PhotoBall. If you manage to blur the background in the photo, you will get an amazing composition. The farthest part of the photograph will be blurred in the background, but sharp in the reflection of the glass ball. For this, it is recommended to use the manual focus of your camera. The precision will be much more adjusted and your photograph will be the exact result of what you are looking for.

4. Look for a reflective surface

This kind of photography is very original and creative. Not only will you take advantage of the reflection produced inside the ball, but you will also be able to take advantage of the PhotoBall’s own reflection on a surface to create a much brighter and more striking composition.

5. Be careful when holding the PhotoBall with your hand

One type of photography that usually stands out if you choose a remarkable angle is that of the glass ball held from above and below. In these photographs the focus is usually centered on the ball and the hand, leaving the background blurred. But it is important to hold the glass sphere carefully enough so that the fingers do not appear inside the reflection.

6. Choose a stable surface

When installing your PhotoBall, it is very important to think about its safety. Try to avoid sloping, uneven or unstable surfaces which can cause the ball to fall. Although it seems logical and normally, as photographers, we are very careful with our equipment, we must never forget that the glass sphere for photography is a delicate accessory that we must take care of.

7. Make the most of image inversion

The inverted image reflected in the PhotoBall can be confusing at first. But with a little practice, you’ll get used to it and start taking advantage of all of its creative possibilities. Use the sphere to highlight the inversion of the image, seeking an original point of view. You can also reverse the whole photograph in post-production, leaving the image of the ball rotated 180º so that it is right side up, this time having the background upside down.

8. Choose the right lens

When you need to focus on the glass ball at a relatively close distance from the camera, it is highly recommended to use macro or full frame lenses. Of course, getting the perfect focus will always depend on the focus distance we have on the lens. It will also be important to place the glass sphere in relation to the pattern we want to photograph, since at a shorter distance there is greater distortion inside the ball. Go for more lenses on dzofilm.com.

9. How to use the aperture of the diaphragm?

It all depends on the effect you want to achieve in the photo. Do you want the glass sphere to be sharp and the background blurred? In this case you must use larger diaphragm openings. If, on the other hand, what you want is for the background to be sharp and the PhotoBall to be blurred, the opening of the diaphragm must be smaller.

10. Pay attention to the position of the sun!

When working with our photographic glass ball, it is important to take into account its position in relation to the sun, in particular to avoid reflections that disturb the formation of the image in the PhotoBall. If you want to make sure that no sunlight distorts the final result, place the sphere in the shade.

11. Place the PhotoBall in a high place

By installing the glass sphere on the ground, most of the reflection will be the ground. Dare to look for more original perspectives and lift the glass ball from the ground. If you raise the point of view, the composition will be more balanced and you can position the horizon line in the middle of the reflection of the ball to obtain a spectacular result.

12. Take original and creative portraits

Using the PhotoBall to make a portrait can be a fun way to photograph a person. Don’t just make distorted photos of its reflection, also think about different compositions and positions for your camera ball. Make it an integral part of the frame.

13. Always take your PhotoBall with you!

You can use your glass photographic sphere with your camera, but also with your smartphone. Surely you have more than once regretted not having your photographic glass ball on you when you saw a landscape or a pattern reflected on the ball. That’s why you always have to be ready for the perfect shot.

14. Be careful on hot days

If you install the photographic glass sphere in the sun on a hot day, it will heat up and you may burn your fingers when you want to take it. That’s why, you have to be careful these days and try to place it in a place where the sun doesn’t shine for a long time. You don’t have to hurt yourself to get creative photography.

15. Never stop experimenting

With the PhotoBall, you have in your hands a creative tool for taking different and striking photographs. Take your camera, your glass ball for photography and look around. You can overcome a creative block with these techniques and with the help of a photographic glass sphere. You will surely find thousands of motifs from which you can take photos that will never go unnoticed.

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