Europe VPS Server – Flexible VPS Hosting Service by Onlive Server

There are several important reasons you should use a Europe VPS Server, from its amazing benefits over a VPS server option. This is also a better option than a shared hosting service. Before you decide to go for this hosting service, you need to know about the various aspects and reasons to go for this server option. VPS is known as a Virtual Private Server which is built with some kind of virtualization software. It is likely to be placed on a physical server but remains completely independent of it. Compared to shared hosting, this type of server arrangement is independent of any other VPS placed on the same physical server.

Here Are the Top Reasons for Which You Should Go For This VPS-

Dedicated Resources

Like a dedicated server, all resources in Europe VPS are known to be completely dedicated to your system only. On the other hand, the number of resources you get with a VPS, such as RAM, CPU, or disk space, is much higher than with a shared hosting server. It only allows you to deal with more traffic in the best possible way. This is one of the main reasons why most people these days decide to go for VPS.

Software Freedom

In shared hosting server systems, you generally have no choice but to choose the OS you want to run. Each user on a shared server setup must be using the same operating system. But once you decide to go for Europe VPS, you get complete freedom to choose a better OS that will best suit your unique demands and needs. In addition, you are allowed to install and run any type of application software as per your personal preference.

Full Root Access

Root access is one of the most surprising reasons why many people decide to choose the Europe VPS Server. The feature of root access to your server benefits you in many ways. With this feature on, you should have full access to your virtual private server’s account. Thus, you get to have more control in the server configuration aspect. Apart from this, you also get the flexibility in different application installations. A control panel has to be used to perform these actions.

Comprehensive Technical Support

With Europe VPS, you are entitled to access to amazing comprehensive technical support that will help you. You are allowed to seek any help and assistance from technical support round the clock. You might confront any sort of specialized issue with the VPS; There will be a specialized professional who will direct you in resolving the matter in the most effective way. Furthermore, such support is supposed to provide effective application and security performance counseling to ensure that your VPS is running perfectly.

Server Monitoring

The need for security to protect against cyber-attacks in server systems is ever-increasing. In this regard, once you choose to go with Europe VPS Hosting, you are known to get the server monitoring feature. This is to proactively and effectively monitor your server as well as related hardware for any kind of potential threats. This feature is likely to be precisely there to ensure that various threats like hacking, malware, and DDoS attacks are dealt with in the best possible manner.

Affordable Cost

If you compare the reliable performance and ultimate security features of a VPS with its pricing. You will realize that the cost of this system can be considered quite affordable and decent, to say the least. The money you are going to get from using this server facility should be more than the shared or dedicated server facility. Once you decide to use VPS server hosting, it allows you to cut down on its expenses in a significant way. It is known that there are no additional expenses and costs that would come with a VPS. You need to do some research to find out the full cost of a VPS.

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