Buy Lowest Cost Hong Kong VPS Server from Onlive Server

Buy Lowest Cost Hong Kong VPS Server from Onlive Server

Are you also searching for the best VPS hosting to fulfil your needs? When you search n Google for VPS hosting, you see a cheap VPS hosting option, and you get a wide range of VPS Server hosting. Almost people choose a shared server hosting plan, and as a result, they get letdown and frustration because those websites hack or bad perform lousy performance and go offline.

Most capable and experienced users or creators agree that online businesses should not use shared hosting. Shared Server hosting options can be the best for a personal, blog, and small websites. But if you have high traffic website, then VPS Server Hosting is the best option to host your high-traffic website. Onlive Server provides the most affordable, secure, and Scalable Hong VPS Server hosting service with excellent customer support. Here you can get the lowest cost VPS server from our company. We always try to offer the best price for our clients. Our technical support team is available 24*7 to provide support to you. We have many years of experience in this field, and hence, we will be able to give you the best assistance regarding your server needs.

About VPS Server Hosting Hong Kong

It is a Virtual Private Server hosting plan where you get the flexibility and control of running your virtual server. This place is the best way to start a small and large business or to use it as a private server for your high-traffic website or blog. You can have a dedicated server’s resources at a fraction of the cost. All VPS servers are created equal, but not in terms of performance or hardware requirements. The hardware specifications depend on your plan type and how much data storage space you need. Our VPS Hosting plans come with up to 4 GB RAM, up to 4 CPU cores, up to 120 GB SSD space and unlimited bandwidth.

There are several types of VPS plans available: Custom, basic(X), business (Y) and standard (Z)plans. Basic plans usually come with fewer resources than standard plans, but they cost less money per month. Stock plans are more expensive than basic ones, but they offer more help than basic plans.

The benefits of Using Hong Kong VPS Server hosting

Dedicated Resources

VPS hosting is the main benefit of dedicated resources because your server resources are dedicated absolutely to your business. With VPS Hosting, you will not share your space, RAM, CPU, and other resources with another. VPS server hosting has more resources than shared hosting.


With a shared Server, your website performance depends on another website, and they will how much use resources. And with VPS Server in Hong Kong, you can customize and optimize your server for the website better perform. And with a VPS Server, your website runs faster than a shared Server. When websites run speedily, your website will get ranked at the top in SERP (search engine result page).


Regardless, VPS Server is cost more than shared hosting, but it is cheaper than a dedicated server. And Onlive Server’s VPS hosting is not more costly than shared hosting because it provides a cheap Hong Kong VPS Server. And when you notice shared hosting benefits, you can easily understand VPS hosting benefits.

Full Control 

Website owners who use shared Server hosting get limited control of server resources. But you get more power and access when you run your business with VPS Server hosting. For instance, if you use any help you need, and when you do not need any applications or software, you can uninstall and remove them. And We provide full root access and control so you can change easily according to your need.

High Level of Security

When you run your business, you know that shared hosting is a less secure web hosting option. But most shared hosting providers work hard to give the best protection. But the basis for hundreds and thousands of users, they have to compromise server security. If a user uses a weak password, his account is hacked by hackers, and the entire server can be under attack. And this is not sure that shared hosting providers do not care about security.

And on the other hand, VPS Server in Hong Kong has none of these problems. Because no one can access this server. And here, use KVM virtualization technology for the separate storage of user data. And with VPS, you get a free SSL Certificate, DDOS protection, a firewall, and other security applications.


You can use VPS Hosting for several types of websites like games, email, projects, and eCommerce whenever you use a big-size data website, so you will need a high level of resources and can crash a shared hosting. At the same time, you can easily add more resources when you need them with VPS Hosting.

The features of our VPS server hosting are:

  • Free SSL Certificate and domain
  • DDOS Protection
  • KVM Hypervisor
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Fully managed services
  • Operating System (Linux and Windows)
  • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • No Setup Fees

Final Thoughts

By reading the above complete article, you know that Hong Kong VPS Hosting is the perfect web hosting platform that fulfils all your website needs. We provide you with all the benefits and resources you get in dedicated server hosting. So, choosing a Cheap VPS Server is the best decision as it saves your cost. You will get the following resources from our company: RAM, CPU processor, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unique IP addresses, High Speed, SSD Storage, and many more.

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