Cheap Windows VPS

Buy Cheap Windows VPS With Bulletproof Security by Onlive Server

Buy Cheap Windows VPS With Bulletproof Security by Onlive Server

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

In Windows VPS, you get dedicated resources in a server, present the required separation, performance, and security to your applications. Windows VPS Hosting permits you to use a Windows platform to host your personal or company website. The Plesk control panel provides you the power and flexibility of managing several websites.

Take a glimpse at the Top Features

Bleeding-edge features on topmost of our enterprise-grade Subsonic hosting stage.

  • Measure and Resize

Scale and resize your VPS anytime to grip the increase or decrease in your site traffic.

  • Clone Your VPS

Copy your entire VPS to a flawless mirror image. Organize the mirror image as a new VPS.

  • Easy Control Panel

Use our spontaneous control panel to smoothly manage your VPS server.

  • On One Click OS Reinstall

Reconstruct your VPS with Centos, Ubuntu, or Windows & more with just a mouse click.

  • Fully Managed VPS

Our 24/7 support team accomplishes your VPS, so that you may attention on building your business.

  • Manufactured for Reliability

Our VPS are safe with RAID-10 storage, ECC RAM, and fully redundant network & power.

  • Clear Upgrade Pathway

Once you expand your VPS, seamlessly travel to our cloud or dedicated server. No downtime.

  • Immediate Activation

Get your VPS online, within a couple of minutes, no more pointless waiting time.

  • End-user Support

We support your hosting clients under your brand name with our 24/7 Silvery Label Support.

  • Full Root Access

You get 100% administrative entree to your VPS. Manage it the method you like! No limitations.

  • Money-Back Assurance

If you are not fully gratified with our Personal Hosting services, you can cancel within the first 30 days and get a complete refund of your money. After 30 days, you can accept a pro-rate refund upon cancellation. Your full payment will be refund at any time you want.

  • Quick Support Guarantee

After we obtain your new ticket, you will get the early response from our support team quickly. This response will be from a human and not a computerized response. Our specialist team works 24x7x365 for you.

Why should I select Windows VPS Server?

 Cheap Windows VPS supports businesses with resources that permit them to establish full websites and eCommerce models lacking paid the high costs of a Windows dedicated server. In calculation to cost savings, VPS also offers scalability and enlarged resources. Virtual Private Server itself has many compensations like it can be operated independently as a dedicated server while it is digitally formed in one physical server.

The resources of the server are not ever compromised with the other clients like it is done in a shared server and hence the security of VPS hosting always leftovers very high. A VPS server is scalable by putting other servers in sequence whenever there is a necessity for it. Additionally, a VPS server is customizable that can be an exclusive facility for optimizing the price of operation of the server.

Benefits of Cheap Windows VPS

Pocket-friendly option

As your business raises and the website attracts more visitors, you might think for upgrading your hosting plan. Investing extra money into your shared hosting plan will not be a sensible decision. You might even consider choosing for dedicated hosting but a dedicated server arises at a price. VPS hosting solutions combine the benefits of both types of hosting plans and oblige as a pocket-friendly option.

 At Onlive Server, we offer the full range of cheap Windows VPS hosting plans to accomplish the ever-changing requirements of your website.

Nope sharing of resources

One of the main drawbacks of a shared hosting plan is that the similar resources are shared by multiple sites. So, if single of the sites experiences an unexpected spike in traffic, your site will have inadequate resources to work with. Visitors to your website might understanding a longer wait time. This will increase the bounce amount for your website and negatively impression conversions. This will similarly reflect badly on your brand image.

Selecting a suitable cheap VPS hosting plan can support you eliminate these dangers and offer a spotless user experience to your visitors.

High level of security

VPS hosting is considered extra secure than shared hosting. This is because the apps and data on a simulated private server remain inaccessible from other users.

In a shared hosting plan, if alternative site on your server becomes infected by malware, it can disturb your site as well. On the conflicting, in a VPS plan, all your resources are out-of-the-way; hence chances of Virus are minimal.

At Onlive Server, we have cheap VPS hosting plans equipped with numerous security measures like firewalls and even back-ups. This guarantees a high level of security for your website.

Well control over the site

In a VPS hosting plan, you activate independently of other accounts using the similar physical server. As a result, you get extra control over your site. You have full entree to the available resources and files.

At Onlive Server, we offer cheap windows VPS hosting plans that let you modify the server the method you want and install other software as required. We also offer the choice of upgrading to a higher plan should the need to stand up.

Wrapping it up

As your business enlarges and site traffic produces, you might need to reevaluate your hosting requirements. A cheap VPS hosting plan can be a pocket-friendly solution offering an extensive array of benefits such as higher safety and security, better control over the site, and special use of resources. For more details on our cheap windows VPS hosting resolutions, connect with our technical consultants. Buy a Cheap Windows VPS at a very affordable price with bulletproof security In Onlive Server exclusively.

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