Amazing facts about Cheap Linux VPS Hosting by Onlive Server

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

It is best and low-cost Web hosting. Cheapest Linux VPS hosting is best for a low balance budget, also it has control panels such as cPanel suitable for innovators for hosting a powerful website and appreciable control. It the best and Cheap Linux VPS Hosting plans at many areas with many features and high benefits. Mostly, we provide two types of VPS Hosting based with the operating system – Window VPS hosting and Cheap Linux VPS hosting. Both are ideal for VPS Server Hosting users. Through migrating to Linux hosting server, you will get the benefits of increased power and flexibility as well as the stability of your website which is backed up by means of the premium support team.

Advantages of Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

It provides the best Linux VPS at very cheap price it may happen that in the time of any setback you can lose your server or business- related data. Our expert technical team will resolve any type of server issue at 24 hours. Our team will manage your server data and take your server data backup from time to time and store this all data at the secure place.

More Information

Through using Cheapest Linux VPS based with Operating System, developer users produce many server applications which are ready to scale up, with flexibility.
One of the main advantages of working with a Cheap Windows and Linux VPS hosting service is the fact that you can install and use various programs. You can also allow different users access to your account.
The Linux VPS Server is very important for business as you can run a smooth business, if you have a VPS server. Cheap Linux VPS Hosting makes the business flexible, so no matter how demands become the server can manage up with the change.

Why choose Cheap Linux VPS Hosting?

It is a right choice for small and large-scale businesses. It offers many resources with amazing offers and plans at competitive prices. Here are some points-

  • If you host your website with the VPS Server in India then you can access you’re all thing on the server. And also redesign it according to your needs. If you are using an Indian VPS Server then you have more options and also you are able to customize your hosting.
  • Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting offers the industry-standard control cPanel for managing a web hosting account. They automatically get free access to re-install their server. It also permits the customer to choose the server location during checkout for highest speeds. It gives the user complete power over operations by letting them update the VPS whenever they wish to update.

Advanced Features of Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

Your business can expand your traffic and this is a scalable Cheap Linux VPS hosting service can suit your hosting demands with better disk space and RAM capacity. Well-known Linux VPS hosting provider, it offers customized as well as affordable Linux VPS hosting services for all types of businesses.

A dependable Hosting service consistently reacts to the necessities of its clients and you can anticipate something very similar from Onlive Server. It is dependable and trusted to meet the specialized necessities 24 X 7 X 365 without any hassle.

Experienced VPS hosting service providers always provide their customers with full root access to the servers which the customers can manage, modify and improve their web storage without any technical hassle.

Different administrations by Onlive Server

Onlive Server also provides Best Reseller Hosting at affordable prices. Affiliate hosting allows you to have multiple customers and allows them to deal with their own requests autonomously. With reseller hosting you can turn into a web facility provider without having to deal with your own web staff or datacenter. You can build your own custom web, guess our convenient foundation, use your image name and offer it to your customers.


Cheap Linux VPS Hosting is a powerful hosting solution at a reliable price. Hence, Windows is the most popular OS worldwide, but in the hosting space Linux has enlarge side because of the fact that it’s an open source and free. It is really perfect mixture of dedicated server and shared server that provides some of the significant features of both the frameworks. In this environment, a physical server is divides in a number of virtual servers. And each of them acts as a dedicated server for the website hosted on.

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